HOURLY TRAILS : 20 euros per hour

Riding or Walking

There is so much to discover within just a one-hour ride from the quinta!  

A one hour trail is perfect for a beginner or less confident rider - I will lead you from my horse and we can wander leisurely through the surrounding pine forests, amble up to the local bar for refreshments, or visit one of the nearby prehistorical sites.  

Of course these options are open to more experienced riders too, without the lead-rope!

Beginners / inexperienced riders are also welcome on 2 hour trails, but a picnic stop must be included - and be prepared for your body to ache the next day!

3 hour trails are for the more experienced rider.


Add an hour to include a picnic stop (picnic provided) : 20 euros

Add 20 mins to discover a GeoCache : 7 euros

Add a night in the caravan at Quinta das Faíscas : 30 euros

Contact us to book your trail

Please note: due to summer heat, from June - September the 3 hour trails leave at 07:30h and don't include a picnic stop (instead you can swap the picnic for a brunch at Quinta das Faíscas after your ride).  The shorter trails are possible in the early morning and late afternoon.