As this is pure poo that has not come from a stable it is suitable to put directly onto your garden*.

50 euros per pickup load, plus delivery charge @ 20c/km

TOP TIP: There is a very high demand for our rotted manure from Feb - April and it sells out quickly. If you want rotted manure for use on your land in the spring, buy our cheaper, Fresh off the Field manure during the summer and let it compost on your land 

Add a starter kit of our Composting Worms to enhance and speed up the composting process, and as an added bonus, they will breed in the manure :)

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ROTTED HORSE MANURE (very limited availability from Feb - March)

Manure that has been composting for at least 6 months.

As an added bonus, our rotted manure is usually well-populated with "Red Wriggler" worms!

80 euros per pickup load, plus delivery charge @ 20c/km

In APRIL 2023 we will have available just one or two loads of 1 year rotted manure @100 euros per load.  Pre-order possible now with a deposit.

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*  Stable manure contains a large percentage of urine-soaked bedding and therefore is too nitrogen-rich to go directly onto your garden.